Best tutorials for WordPress plugin development 2016

WordPress is a free and open course content management system. It is the most preferred blogging platform and currently has thousands of WP themes and plugins in its repository.

WordPress Plugins are a great method to extend the functionality of the WordPress site to maximize flexibility. There are thousands of plugins in the WordPress repository ranging from forms to sliders, cache to analytics, gallery to forums and much more. WordPress plugins are easy way to add custom features to your site for specific needs.

Creating a WordPress plugin requires a developer to have basic PHP skills. When i started learning PHP plugin development i went through multiple tutorials on plugin development but some of the tutorials which i personally like are listed here.

WordPress Codex

The very starting point of learning to write a WordPress plugin is WordPress codex. This is the WordPress official site which takes you from naming a plugin to WordPress hooks and filters.


Writing your first WordPress plugin Basic to advanced

This is one of my favorite WordPress plugin development tutorial. If you follow WordPress you would know Pippin Williamson. He writes beautiful code. AffiliateWP, EDD and many more awesome plugins have been developed by him. This tutorial covers basics to everything you need to create your first WordPress plugin.

If you are willing to pay a fee , you can also refer this paid tutorial by Pippin : Pippin’s tutorial series on WordPress plugin development.

WordPress plugin development from scratch

This tutorial demonstrates the plugin structure, basics for creating plugin template. It also demonstrates enhancing WordPress plugin with add on features for flexibility.


Create a custom WordPress plugin from scratch

This tutorial  implementation of WordPress plugin from scratch. The plugin connects to an external OSCommerce database and displays random products on the site

Getting started with WordPress plugin development: The ultimate guide

This tutorial focusses on how plugin works, how to work with hooks and filters while creating a plugin. It also shows how to create the plugin settings page and enabling translations in a plugin.

July 2, 2016

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