Best Tools for WordPress development 2016

The best tools for WordPress development in 2016

As more and more people join WordPress, WordPress development is becoming far more competitive and challenging. So it very important to know the tools used by top theme authors on WordPress development.

The Tools are your best friends and sometimes the quality of these tools determine the quality of the product.

Here’s a short list of Apps which would help in excelling the field of WordPress development :

  1. Tower : The top rated app by most theme developers. It is used for version management via GIT or SVN. Most of the authors use this app in conjunction with another popular app “Kaledioscope” for “diff” and resolving errors. Refer link for further information.
  2. Sublime Text : Sublime text is one of the most popular IDE for web development. It is free and comes with tons of addons which add features like autocomplete, knowledge base , auto commenting of code etc.
  3. GULP or GRUNT : The task manager for various tasks in theme building. Most of the theme authors use SASS or LESS, codekit days are over, these task manager provide an easy way to compile the these files and minify them for optimal use. The best use for these is for Unit testing, creating small unit tests which automatically do the Q&A for your WordPress theme.
  4. Bower : The package installer, to get started with using various scripts and libraries in the themes, it is one of the best tools to maintain long term projects. One command to pull the packages like bootstrap 4 etc into your project, and one command to update the project to latest version and bam, your themes are now running of latest versions of the packages.
  5. Vagrant : The one click installer for WordPress is my new favorite, not only it provides an easy way to install and setup WordPress in your local environment, you can also create Vagrant packages with your theme preinstalled and setup on dynamic cloud environments. link
  6. Transmit : The best app for FTP, although most of the development and upload process happens via command line, you still need FTP for various tasks and there is no comparison, the FTP softwares do not stand a chance against Transmit.
  7. Camtasia : This is a video recording or screencasting tool. It provides an easy way to create videos, add annotations, animations, filter voice, videos and upload them to your youtube channel directly from the screencast. There are various other options but it is one of the oldest and trusted software for Video and screencasting.


If you feel I missed some software in this list, comment below and we’ll add it.

June 29, 2016

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