YouTube Revives and Upgrades itself!

YouTube is very soon going to get a new look,  by July 15th all channels will be switched to the new look. Not only theyoutubemovietrailerspage062609look , the size of the uploads would also be changed from 1Gb to 2Gb .Despite the size increase, the maximum length of a video remains 10 minutes. Now users would can upload their HD videos and we would be able to see better quality video’s on Youtube

Message from Brian Glick [ Product Manager Youtube]

Just click on the “Upgrade my channel!” link on your Channel Design page (and note that you can switch back anytime until July 15). Keep in mind that new channels are still in beta for now, so there may be a few elements missing here and there. If you have questions, please visit our Help Center. Also, we’ve been sharing our progress and gathering feedback from users on a dedicated channels beta blog. Join in if you’re interested in learning more and want more frequent updates on our beta progress — and let us know if there’s anything that you’d like to see added to the new version of channels, too.”

Check out the Video below:

YouTube Official Blog

Youtube is also releasing channels for the News ,entertainment or sports . YouTube is seeing an increase in mobile uploads of videos. In the past six months, mobile uploads have increased by 1700%. Since just last Friday, the day of the iPhone 3G S release – the first iPhone with video, mobile uploads have increased by a whopping 400%.

The channels seem more like profile’s of a social networking site. Video’s are definitely the next thing on the internet as the growing popularity suggets and it seems like YouTube might just be on the right track.

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