Would Windows 7 be TV+Mobile+Desktop based system?

windows 7Microsoft’s chief software architect states that Windows 7 would reflect the shift in the nature of OS towards the internet. Windows 7 has improved interface for users and concentrates on [what makes Windows different from Linux] the user friendly system.Users will experience an integration of Windows + Windows Live, a system which would incorporate all the features of desktop,mobile,tv based system fully connected to the internet. Windows 7 might just have all the combinations as stated, especially features such as live TV might be incorporated in Windows 7.

Check out the interview of Microsoft’s Chief Architect by BBC to find the answer:


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  1. Pedro says:

    Whenever i launch an app it instantly crashes though not all do, most internet connected apps seem to be the most affected.
    It is rooted but this has only started happening recently and its been rooted for some time now.

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