Reasons not to buy Toshiba M300

Disclaimer:First of all, this post is not to defame any company but to highlight the basic facts which are based on my experience and perspective.

Toshiba M300 : My experience from May 2009 – June 2010

Toshiba satellite M300I bought this new laptop TOSHIBA M300 about an year ago in May 2k9, it was perhaps one the best configuration available that time in the nearest store. Configuration was 3GB RAM, Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 300GB hard disk, 256 MB Nvidia Graphics card .The looks were pretty good,the keyboard was awesome, it had a nice glossy finish and looked like an awesome piece among the rest of the laptops kept alongside.

And i bought this for 49,500 rupees roughly $1100, which is perhaps one of the biggest mistake of my life so far. I am a student at IIT K, so I had to take this laptop to my college where I live in a hostel.

Problems Toshiba M300

The Flickering of the Screen

Just after 1 month of purchasing I started experiencing screen problems, there was some flickering issue . Every time you keep the screen in one particular position it started flickering so I had to move readjust its position so that the flickering stops. This problem increased over time and even after calling a their call center, support center and giving my laptop at the service center for about 1 week this problem was not rectified. I gave may laptop at the service center for one week in august 2009 and the flickering persisted. After that my studies had started and I did not had the time to go to a service station again which was 90 kms away from Kanpur. I had no choice but to keep on readjusting the screen and even on a new laptop barely a month old. This is really really bad service, product, support from toshiba atleast in India.

After 10 months, I had a friend who worked in Toshiba call center and from there I came to know that Toshiba M300 had an internal defect in the screen due to which all the screens had be replaced. But I was kept guessing why my screen never got replaced when i gave it at the service center.

The Face Recognition : Software

Toshiba M300 comes with digital face recognition software which is used for authentication. Guess what! The quality of this software is as bad as one can imagine. It will only recognize your face if you have the same background everytime you appear for face recognition . I think its name should not be face recognition , rather it should be picture recognition. I just used this feature for 4-5 times because it never worked for me and I am sure that being a licensed software it would have cost quite a bit in the actual price.

The Un-synchronized hardware

My laptop was perhaps the slowest laptop in my hostel. It took about 5 mins to start . And most importantly Never make the mistake of Hibernating a Windows Vista on Toshiba M300 it takes more time than to shut down. Time and again my laptop got hanged or got stuck. That was the time I realized that my laptop is just a piece of crap. When you invest in some product, you need it to be , if not the best atleast average. M300 startup and execution of any program was slower than any laptop. I compare the startup times of my laptop with Dell inspiron ( much cheaper tha M300) , Hp and Sony VIAO. No points for guessing mine was the slowest.

The Zombie: Dead all of a sudden

It happened twice in less than one year. My laptop all of a sudden went dead and none of the call center employee’s were able to help me. I tried everything, taking the battery out, flushing the power, then reinserting the battery nothing ever seemed to work.

The Hard disk error

This too happened twice. All of a sudden when my computer hanged I had no other option but to shut it down manually by pressing the power buttons for 5 seconds and guess what, when next time it sharted it refused to show any operating system installed in the hard disk. I had to use the installation DVD which I had fortunately made, but all my precious data was lost in the process. No I do not have the time of 1 week to give my laptop for repair so I had only this option left.

The Speakers : Harman Cardon

Toshiba M300 has some decent quality speakers of Harman Cardon. But to tell you a fact they are just normal speakers on which some brand name is written, I could not find any distinction in their voice quality neither the volume nor the quality was any different from any speakers in any laptop of dell or hp.

The Support

This is perhaps one major point where every technology company should focus. Products can be defective but active support can not only help you rectify the problem but also help the poor consumer . This is a vital part of a company’s brand.

Toshiba’s support is perhaps one of the poorest support center in the country. I am talking of the support centers RT Outsourcing. I do not blame them, they have 10′s of companies to which they give technical support. But from my perspective, it is one of the worst support I have ever seen. The center is located at only major cities and Kanpur doesn’t have one ( recently there might be one which has come up), in whole of Delhi the center is only at 2 places. The center opens for 10-5 where as the timings might be uptill 6 but the support staff isnt available and after 5 no one pics the phone call.

The biggest fear is that they take minimum of 1 week to fix any problem. 1 week is too big a risk for me to give my laptop. I have even found that they have kept a persons laptop for 2 months, can you imagine your life without your laptop for 2 months!

The End: Toshiba M300 a bad deal

Finally, after having so many problems in the first year and with no support or time for support my laptop suddenly went dead. The day 26th June 2010, laptop age 1 year 1month 19 days. I decided that I have had enough of this deal , I forcefully shut the screen of my laptop , and that was it.  There were cracks on the screen. The screen was gone.

I went to the service center and argued that the screen was bound to be replaced in this defective product but my 3 year warranty was now void due to cracks on the screen. The price they quoted to me for screen repaid was 18000 rupees roughly $400. I  submitted my laptop and asked them to repair everything under warrantee.

My warranty was of 3 Years, but it was useless as I did not have time to repair it.:

I hope this experience will help many of you to commit same mistake that I did.

Update: My laptop is currently with service center and here is what they told me.
My laptop has a malfunctioning motherboard ,RAM and the screen flickering problem. This tells that the product itself was defective on the first hand and was not repaired when it had gone to service center first time.


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  1. It is my opinion diferrent because my friends and family use another company .It’s secure and save prices.But next laptop battery I can think of this as this laptop battery for which you present.Appreciate!!!

  2. Wackao says:


  3. Rahul says:

    I absolutely agree, this is the worst laptop and worst buy of mine too. I have got its screen replaced many times but the new screen stars malfunctioning after about a month or so.
    This laptop is shit do not every buy it!
    Toshiba SUCKS!!

  4. haylee says:

    hey everyone i have had my toshiba for about 18 months at the base of the screen it flickers blue green pink ect where the tool bar is ANY IDEAS?/

  5. Wackao says:

    There is a function key between control [cntrl] key and windows key, My suggestion is that you decrease the visible screen height so that the bottom gets out of the visible part in the screen.

    To adjust this you have to press the fn key [explained above]and press the respective function key for screen height adjustment. You will get it in the function keys [f1,f2,f3...]

    I hope this helps!

  6. nassr says:

    hey everybody;

    By sudden;
    i was reading about the problems indicate the same toshiba laptop type M300 and i got this prob u mention above as well

    after about a month i got this kind of flickering on the screen and it change become red in color

    i was really upset about.

    i send it to the center to fix it twice but nothing occurred

    lastly they changed the cable link to the screen and it was ok for a time.

    but today i realize that something on my screen its like a mini white point i didnt see it before just today.

    i don’t know where does it comes from. i restart the laptop hopping it will disappear but still, and i am unable to do any thing right now i have finals in my university.

    i hope it’ll not be a problem again.

    and i would thank you bro to share us ur problems.^_^

  7. Wackao says:

    @nassr : I got my screen replaced from local shop and still the problem persisted. Then one day I was doing some experiment with my laptop and I figured out that the flickering and the screen problems are actually related to a small tube like circuit which is fitted beneath the laptop screen. Whenever my screen flickered I used to press the bottom-center of the screen where Toshiba is written and it would go right. The best thing is to get that tube replaced and it would help. Its actually a guess or probably more than a guess but I just wanted to share because this did the trick for me. I appreciate you reading my post :) .

  8. nassr says:

    Thanks Wackao

    u know i was at the library studying for my final exams

    since that day i just come explore the comment i had been left here

    but thank god after they changed the cable of the screen no thing happened except the mini white dot and i don’t matter.

    As long my pc is working properly that is good.

    i hope u will not face it again.
    Thanks dude for share out ur experiment. ^_^

  9. DrJCindy says:

    I also bought a Toshiba laptop (a different brand, Toshiba Satellite) and had the same problems you are describing, flickering screen and furthermore my computer kept burning out every wireless mouse I would purchase within a few months. I made the unfortunate mistake of not calling the company until the computer was just out of warranty. The overheating is covered under a recall. The other problems are the mother board and cp which they say are causing intermittent boot failure and memory issues. The cost to repair is $425.00. What a rip off. I wish I had bought a Dell product.

  10. H. Naqui says:

    I have two Toshiba laptops. The first one lasted long, so I bought a second one. Both of them have gone dead. The second one after only one year of use. I am never again going to buy another Toshiba ever. It is a bad deal all in all. I bought the second one in the US through Walmart. It seems they are selling junk.

    • Ripul Kumar says:

      I also bought the Toshiba laptop based on previous experiences of my fellows but seems like Toshiba’s quality has degraded with later versions of their laptops!

  11. Hari says:

    Hi all,

    Same here, I bought my Toshiba M300 around December 2009….. just one month after the warranty period expired (one year warranty) the screen started flickering, unfortunately i had no time to go to repair center. Then, two months later my laptop completely dead… I went to the toshiba service center, they told me that it was motherboard problem. They offered me a motherboard replacement for $400 :( .. No way, I prefer buy another laptop… Bye bye Toshiba!!

  12. Ashish says:

    Im gonna call the center and tell them to see the page for there Excellent service is such a waste of time they are just screwing with us and wasting time and wait for warranty to get passed………
    REVENGE will be taken i’ll never gonna buy any product of Toshiba again in my life Toshiba is just crap .
    MY problems:-
    1.Screen flickering (within every 2 months ) but this time with in a week.
    2.overheating problem issue (every time ).
    3.USB get loose connection (they don’t believe it ) .
    4.DVD Rom problem (only some of the DVDs work on DVD ROM if a little scratch is on DVD it won’t read)
    5.not good enough sound quality from speaker if any one noticed if your increase the sound to the top level computer got slow and even stuck for while .
    6.Bad battery backup (1 hour at power saver)
    7.charger got so hot i can’t touch it.
    8.charger wire from laptop input got crack if got fold for some time even wire could crack from inside.
    9.very bad face recognition software(really bad shame on you Toshiba for making this kind of bad quality software)
    10.very bad camera (slow motion and blurry pics)

    If i don’t have warranty period then i have spend money for HEAT SINK,SCREEN CABLE(4 times )

    But in the end i have to say nice keyboard (*#$% U TOSHIBA u Japanese S#*T……..)

  13. sar says:

    the Toshiba M-300 really has the over heating problem and —-starts really Very very slow when switched on……………how slow…..?? fucking damn slow slower than the runner tortoise……………..

    • Ripul Kumar says:

      I used to switch my Toshiba laptop on and go for a bath, have breakfast and then comeback just to find that it was still on the loading screen. Approx 20-30mins
      Mind you I had "ZERO" programs in the startup and no extra services were activated. Moreover I had "Authentic"(Purchased) antivrus installed from Day 1 with zero reports of malware.

      I haven’t updated this article for a long while and so here is what I want to add .
      I removed Windows Vista and installed Windows XP on M300 machine and it started rolling pretty fast like never before, untill the harddisk crashed and thereafter I bought a mac book pro at a lesser price (Rs. 49K from US) than Toshiba M300.

      So My advice to Toshiba users, Buy only the laptop and "NO" preinstalled softwares including the OS. Then buy Windows XP and you would feel that you have not wasted your money.

  14. supriya says:

    i read ur experience about toshiba n i agree abt dat. i have a toshiba C650 model of toshiba n it hs been in service center for more than 10 times till now. Battery backup sucks, my charger gets so hot within 5 minutes dat m not even able to touch it. also d service they r providing 2 their customers is d worst …… within 2 months of purchase its hard disk crashed….. i ws like really surprised abt d quality of d laptop & since then m in a problem wid this…….. i suggest all others to plz nt to buy any more toshiba products. i hate toshiba products.

  15. Cacilda says:

    nice job writing this up in a manner that most people can understand.

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