Once Again Palm Hacks iTunes: Apple Frustrated!

palm-pre-webos-lg” I seriously question the strategy and brains of any company that ties critical product capabilities to the unsupported use of their competitor’s software. I mean, really? Can it get any more ridiculous? Can you possibly send a more mixed, less confidence-inspiring, “we’re a bunch of hacks who can’t provide our own sync software for our products” message to customers? ” as said by IPhone and Mac developer Craig Hunter .

Palm latest OS update 1.2.1 now enables Palm pre users to once again sync their phone with Apple iTunes.

Palm has done it once again and I think lets just admit Apple cannot Handle Palm . This is sheer frustration coming out from Apple employees. One must not forget that more Apple iPhones are currently running on hacks than the authentic ones.So if one is not able to secure  the software this is what will happen, your competitor takes advantage of it. One may say that Palm is loosing credibility but after so many updates and efforts Apple has still not been able to do what it wants, so in a way one can also say it might just be the opposite (gaining credibility).Still the game is interesting.

The ball is once again in Apple’s court.

[...Official Palm Blog]


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