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No sim card installed iphoneTwo days ago my iPhone after recieving a message started showing a strange error ” NO SIM INSTALLED ” , initially i thought this is a minor trouble and would go away after a few switching off and on but it did not .This is the latest problem that has now creeped in my iPhone! I tried searching out for forums and locate what all options do I Have now.

This is what i have come up with:

1. Manual iPhone reset: Keep on holding the power button for few second till you get the switching off screen (Do not slide to switch off) then press the home button without releasing the power button and you’ll see that the screen turns black then the Apple symbol comes (You can remove pressing your buttons now).
This has worked for many but not for Me.So I had to explore more.

2. This problem may occur because of HEAT : In many cases the iPhone was overheated and this led to damage in SIM card. Replacement of the SIM card by a new one has solved this problem for them.
Sadly this wasn’t the case for me, as my sim was relatively new and i would have tried about 5-10 odd sims in my iPhone without any success and moreover my sim was working on these mobiles.

3. The problem of dust particles: In Few cases cleaning of the SIM card and using a ear cleaner for removing the dust inside the SIM socket of iphone has solved it for them. Once again I tried this without any success.

4. Using your SIM in a strange way: Yup, its strange but this is what people have posted on the blogs/forums. Take out your SIM and put it in some old Nokia or any other mobile phone till it catches the signal i.e the signal bars appear then remove the SIM and put it in your iPhone.
No success for me!!

5. Repetitive on off and setting reset: Another idea which has clicked for some is switching on and off your iPhone and checking if it has started detecting SIM. Or going to Settings->General->reset->Reset network and using network reset or reset all repetitively till your iphone finally detects sim.

I can image what would have led them to trying this sort of thing, but it has worked out for them not for ME.You can even try repetitive switching on and off the airplane mode though it wasn’t useful for me.

6. Restore and Unlock: I did this as my iPhone is an unlocked/jailbroken one so resotred and unlocked it again and trust me this is the worst idea of them all . I lost all my apps,games and other stuff despite taking a back only to understand that iTunes backup would not back up 3rd party installations!

7. Dropping your iPhone: This is another way but its actually really hard to do. Try dropping your iphone in the vertical position both from the side where you place your sim card and other side where you put your charger. I do not guarantee as this is dangerous thing to do but has worked for many people.

I am still trying to figure out a way to get out of this No SIM Card installed, more suggetions are welcomed.

….Read the Solution here [Sequel EUREKA my iphone works!]

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  1. Shawn says:

    I tried several solutions, but the one that worked for me was dropping my phone from the sim card end and then the power cord end. Wow!

    • Pam says:

      The dropping one worked for me! Thanks so much! I held the phone about a foot away from a throw rug on the kitchen floor. I dropped it on the top end then the bottom end, and the sim card message disappeared.

      • Carrie says:

        Well, I read the other blogs on how to fix this no sim installed problem and last on my list was to drop it. I chose 3 ft onto a rug and after about 3-4 times, low and behold, that was the ticket. I know it sounds silly but, it works.

    • Jane says:

      My sim stops working every time I drop my iphone. I have tried many of the above solutions and have managed to get it working after hours. I hadn’t tried dropping it again though. Surprisingly, it worked instantly. Thanks a lot. :)

      • Chris says:

        I can not believe it but it worked for me too and I tried everything first. I dropped it on both ends. at first from 1′, then from 2′ and finally from 3′ on a carpeted surface and it worked instantly. Wow, Steve Jobs really was a genius.

  2. Paula f says:

    Omg, dropping phone really really work … Thanks a million

  3. Trixet says:

    I had a iPhone 4 for over a year and it suddenly developed this "no sim installed" problem in the middle of a phone call. I tried all the helpful tips from online forums none of which helped. In the end I contacted my carrier / service provider and after a procedure of trying various things including taking out sim put into another phone they agreed to supply a new sim card. Since fitting the new sim card all is working perfectly I now have a better signal than ever and no drop in service and definitely no sim card problem messages.

  4. syazh says:

    well thanks dude…i try the reset reset + dropg + reset n airplane on n off..well it does work…but my concern really hard to see i drop my iphone…please make sure u keep it tight in a case…

  5. Randy says:

    The problem with IPhone 4 not able to detect the T-mobile’s Sim card when unlock is because T-mobile Sim card is a lot thicker than the IPhone 4 original Sim card. Just sand down the plastic side of T-mobile Sim card’s thickness to match the IPhone 4 original Sim card thickness.

  6. Lissa says:

    yo, thanks! knocking it on the opposite end worked! ty

  7. lee says:

    update the software!;)

  8. Jerry says:

    I did the manual reset and it worked !

  9. Mercedes says:

    The on and off airplane mode worked for me. Thanks!

  10. Samuel says:

    OMG are you fucking kidding me? The dropping trick worked! smh! I felt silly doing it but in the end it worked like magic!

  11. One direction lover says:

    This didn’t work for me even the dropping thing. I tried everything what do I do??? ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  12. I dropped mine on the kitchen floor and thought it was broken for good when I got the SIM message. I tried turning it on and off several times, didn’t work. Dropping it on the floor didn’t seem like a solution as it caused the problem. Turned the airplane mode off and on a few times and it WORKED. Thank God, I was beginning to freak out.

  13. Don says:

    THIS WORKED FOR ME : It seemed that the card was "floating" a bit in the slot. In order to tighten the card against thr contacts I cut a standard sheet of copy paper. Cut it to size of the mini card and glued it onto the card with glue stick. This was enough to make it work and be recognized. (You might want to write your sim card # on a sheet of paper to keep BEFORE you cover it up)

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