Is Bing the Next Big Thing on the Internet?

Well talking about search engines, the latest entry from Microsoft ” Bing ” is seen by many as a challenge to Google.Recently after it overtook Yahoo ,it has emerged as a stronger competitor with gradually increasing its share for search.Though Bing has some exceptional features which are also available on Google but either bing-logopeople have never tried to search them or they don’t matter much while searching.One such feature is the Xrank ,where you everyday’s top ranking artists,celebrities,musicians,websites and much more. Take a look.Now this feature can be searched on Google also but Bings has a better display and format on this. But on whole we require search engine’s to be faster,accurate and show us results which we might want to look at, and if you consider this criteria Google is unbeatable. Outside America most of the countries google search hold almost 97% percent of the market share .

May be this is because I am a fan of Google and religiously hate Microsoft( I think everybody hates it). Recently there has been a news of microsoft update of IE 8 installs a firefox plugin to seriously slow down

Firefox! But i seriously believe had it been microsoft in place of Google as the top search engine all these

year we would have to pay a sum of 5$ for an year of subscription to search on web.

Lately Bing again is below Yahoo search ,it has it trying to set itself apart from Google .Although it does almost the same things but Bing is no match to Google if it tries to compete on its ground.


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