iPhone 3G S vs Palm Pre (Sprint)

Palm is back with new Palm Pre (Sprint).The most legitimate rival to iphone 3 GS.Though both of them have unique features which cannot be ignored like the Flash & Multitasking in Palm pre and Video recording & Autofocus in Iphone,

The iPhone seems to be winning the race,here’s a look at the comparison of both the phones.

iphone-3g-vs-palm-preSpec Comparison:

Palm Pre(Sprint)                                           Iphone 3G S

Screen Size: 3.1 inch                            3.5 inch

Screen Type: LCD multitouch                 OLED Multitouch

Width :2.3 inches                                          2.4 inches

Thickness :0.6 inches                               0.48 inches

Weight :4.76 ounces                                   4.7 ounces

Keyboad: Physical [Qwerty]                  Onscreen Virtual

Resolution : 320×480 pixel                 320x480pixel

Camera: 3 MP                                             3.2 MP
FLASH: Yes                                                                                    NO

Video Recording: No                                                               Yes

Speed[CPU&Ram]: ___ & 256 MB                                     600 Mhz & 256 MB upped from 128 MB

Autofocus &Manual Focus: No                                                  Yes

Multitasking : Yes                                                                            No[Non Existant]

Capacity: 8 GB                                                                                8GB,16 GB,32 GB

Integrated IM,SMS,MMS: Yes                                             YES

Copy,Paste,Universal Search :Yes                                   Yes

Battery: 5 Hours Talk time                                                    8 Hours talk time

Price: $199.99 with a $100 rebate from Sprint                  $199.00,$299.00[AT&T 2Year]

Some other features:

Palm Pre

Apps that come preloaded on the Palm include Google Maps, DataViz’s DocView for viewing Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files, a PDF viewer, a YouTube app, Sprint TV, Sprint Navigation, Sprint Nascar, a memo pad, a task list, a calculator, and a clock.Synergy, which syncs the Pre’s contacts with Exchange, Facebook, and Google and syncs the calendar on the phone with Exchange and Google.

Wireless charging device first of its kind.

Apple Iphone

Apart from the features on iPhone 3G ,Video recording and the video clipper is a new thing in the iPhone 3G S,the new iPhone is much faster than its predecessor,connects with iTunes whereas recently Apple has announced that ITunes might not work with non Apple devices a Big set back for Palm Pre.

The Iphone looks like winning the race as some features like the 32 GB memory better and longer battery duration,comparable CPU speed and the touch and feel of the legendry iPhone are some of the features which the Palm pre lacks.

Take a look at an Old comparison between the iPhone 3G vs Palm pre and see how big difference was there, and Why Apple could not have afforded to overlook the Palm pre.


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