How to download in iPhone behind a proxy server!

apple-iphone-l-main_FullWell ! After months of trying and searching to figure out a way of accessing internet and downloading, I have finally found something which would solve problems of most of the people ,however I still believe much is left.

I am personally facing a few different kind of networks just check in case you also suffer from these and this post would be helpful for you.

You are in a WIFI zone with a proxy server with a password security option that is as soon as you connect you would be asked for Password for that connection. Where can you find such…In small scale WIFI networks such as your home or Office , in such networks you are asked for the password to get connected to the router and thereafter you can access internet .

In your iPhone open settings then wifi and you would be shown your Wifi network name click on the little arrow sign and check that iP Address is assigned by DHCP (Mostly DHCP or STATIC in case you want to give everything manually ) then turn the HTTP Proxy to Manual or Auto and just enter the server and port number of your corresponding server.This works perfectly .

And in Case you are asked for authentication or you have a username and password for internet access then turn the authentication on and enter your username and password.  But in my case this does not work as though I am able to access internet from Safari but I am unable to download and I repeatedly get the error of disconnected while downloading any app . More would be updated soon as soon as I am able to figure out an answer to this.


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