Google adds your location to PC maps!

GPS was avaialable for mobiles and we have used the Google maps for finding out My location just by a single click and a blue dot appears. Now the same service would be available on our desktops or laptops as Google has launched My Location for Google Maps.However currently this service is only available for the Firefox and Chrome (both opensource) but IE already had a My Location in its Google Toolbar which was able to locate you on Google maps.

The first time you use My Location on Google Maps, you’ll be asked to confirm that you’re happy to share your location with Google Maps, and you can always undo your decision.Google Maps takes advantage of the W3C Geolocation API standard. The Geolocation API is a new feature available in the latest web browsers which allows any website to access your current location.

How does it work? When you activate the My Location feature, Google Maps asks your web browser for your location. Typically, your browser uses information about the Wi-Fi access points around you to estimate your location. If no Wi-Fi access points are in range, or your computer doesn’t have Wi-Fi, it may resort to using your computer’s IP address to get an approximate location.[Source :Google]

For more information on Geolocation API .


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