Fear of Cloud Takes Microsoft to Web!

Office2007OnlineMicrosoft Office is now available online, this announcement has come a few days after Google Announced releasing of its Chrome OS which would be web oriented and would focus on Cloud Computing. The Concept in itself¬† is a smart work that would reduce the dependence on our personal storage abd also provide portability .And for that you just need a web connection and a browser. This would seem as Google’s concept in building the Chrome OS but Microsoft known as a traditional company have now realised the importance of web and is embracing the concept.

The World of web is dominated by Google ( I am a Google Fan while some belive Google wants to take over our minds @#!) and the momentum is now shifting to the web. The emergence of Bing and now online Microsoft Office indicate this that big corporations are realising the importance of web.

But there is another side of the coin and that relates to security and this is where most of the research and time Microsoft would have to give to make online Microsoft Office a success.

Analysts have mostly given the thumbs up to Microsoft for moving some of its applications to the web, even if it might cost them dearly.The Wall Street Journal has estimated that offering free online software could “put at risk as much at $4bn (¬£2.46bn) in revenue”..as quoted by BBC

Microsoft will also host one Internet business version of Office at its own data centers, charging companies a yet-to- be-announced fee. Companies with premium service contracts will have the choice of running a second Web-based version from their own data centers at no extra cost...as Quoted by Reuters.
Moving online would not only help Microsoft catch up with the new trend but would also provide the much needed entry into the web world by enabling inbuilt support for Bing and other Microsoft Applications.


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