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Even though Google Chrome has been popularly rated as the best browser, the latest updates in the browser has been disappointing lately. Certain features such as DNS pre-caching which have enhanced the speed of the browser have been the root cause of server 500 errors on many live site. One such example below: And then if you Read more

google penalising small bloggers

Very much like the bell curve, I think its time that Google will go down. Their best products have been taking a hit. A little spanshot: 1. Google Chrome: The fastest browser, but also one of the most unreliable browser till date. If you;re getting the “oops” error or Server 500 error on many sites Read more


I had been waiting for quite long to see WordPress 3.5, so that we start moving towards better websites. Now you’ll no longer need the theme options panel to make all the changes and then see how your site looks like, you can simply go to WordPress theme customizer and start customizing your site with Read more

28th september Google Algorithm update hits all

In words of Matt cutts referring to the couple of tweets done for Google’s latest algo update: “New exact-match domain (EMD) algo effects only 0.6% of English-US queries to a noticeable degree. Unrelated to Panda or pengiun.” So, just in case you thought that your domain did not match any “EMD” search queries then perhaps you need Read more

iPhone 5 vs iphone 4

Which one do you like ? iPhone 5 or iPhone 4


Well, this penguin is different, this isn’t a flightless bird but an algorithm update by Google. Unlike panda which launched a hurricane in the SEO community, penguin seems to be launched with a specific aim, “Reduce SPAM” in search results. According to Google, penguin would impact approximately 3.1% of search results. While there are rumors Read more


Finally, the much awaited and expected news hits the Indian eCommerce domain. Amazon has finally officially started its operations in India in the name Though still in a passive mode Amazon entrance has caused jitters in the industry. Investors of the eCommerce domain are now focusing on consolidation and saving their buck before Amazon Read more


WordPress is the best and most preferred CMS of all times. With more than 50% of websites now running on wordpress, wordpress themes are in demand these days. And as a result many popular Themes Clubs and Stores have come up. Many of these are now every designer’s list such as Elegant Themes, Theme Forest, Read more

Recently Apply launched its iPhone 4s with a new and revolutionary feature “Siri”. Seems like developers/hackers of the world are now putting the feature into good use. Recently a hacker demonstrated how he can use “Siri” from iPhone to control his wifi thermostat. Now this is some cool stuff.

advanced spam on WP blogs

How could I ever miss this? As the technologies in the web advance level by level so do spam on the web. One such medium of Spam are Spam comments on blog posts. Now, spam comments on your blog posts are not only focused on creating backlinks to the originator the sponsor but also to Read more